How Zumba has Changed MY Life, an Encouraging Story

I am sharing this for two reasons: 1) because I want people to know and understand that Zumba is NO JOKE, and 2) because I’ve recently gotten some very encouraging words from friends AND family about how different I look…

This is me while on vacation in Las Vegas in 2012 – ok yes this is an OLD picture but I wasn’t exercising nor eating well. I was between jobs and simply trying to make ends meet. Stress was causing me to be unhappy and snack – A LOT.

The one is from two summers ago while getting ready for my wedding (2014).

I had been doing Zumba and Fusion (pilates, yoga & tai chi) for about two years, and had actually just started doing it RELIGIOUSLY (4-6 classes a week), as well as having been licensed not long before this photo was taken. When I first started taking Zumba, I did 2-3 classes a week. I would sometimes take a TRX class here or there, or yoga, but the high energy, intensity, and dance fitness is what I enjoyed.

This picture was taken (May 15, 2016). 

This picture was taken(June 10, 2016).

I started doing Zumba religiously in the fall of 2013 – taking anywhere between 4-6 classes a week. However I still wasn’t eating healthy. When I got engaged that Christmas I was determined to look smokin in my dress. I wasn’t determined to lose weight but wanted to tone up. In June 2014 I got licensed to teach but didn’t have my first class until September of that year. I went from teaching 1 class a week to 4 in less than 6 months. Since 2015, I have maintained (mind you ZUMBA ONLY WORKOUTS) at least 5 classes a week plus occasional 1-2 hours of practice at home (cuz we needs new tunes sometimes).

I don’t like lifting, I HATE running and well exercise on it’s own is boring to me. If I’m exercising it’s doing something that I LOVE and ENJOY doing. I only do group workouts – I find I have no motivation to move if I’m doing it by myself. I may tell myself I’m going to, but then find something “better” to be doing with my time – and believe me, there’s ALWAYS something else I can be doing. I find that having a group of like minded people all suffering through the same routine as me makes it more worth it, especially hen that group is always encouraging one another to be better versions of themselves each class. I feel that if the person next to me is working harder than I am that is motivation enough for me to step it up a notch.

Those people who knock Zumba because it is a DANCE FITNESS program – listen here – Zumba really HAS changed people’s lives, mine included. Just because we don’t lift heavy weights or run miles of mindlessness doesn’t mean we’re not working out. We are using our own body weight to create resistance, lift, squat, and jive away pounds and inches. Granted, not everyone sees the same results in the same amount of time, but as you can see from MY pictures it DOES work, and I HATE working out!

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