Stop Party Crashers

Not only does Zumba reward loyal Zin members for continuing to support the Zumba brand and image, but they also encourage reporting those people who are not licensed, but teaching using the Zumba name. STOP PARTY CRASHERS is a website managed by Zumba Home Office wherein anyone who misuses the Zumba name, whether as an unlicensed instructor or an apparel manufacturer making clothing items with the Zumba name or logo adhered to it.

Zumba is a trademarked name and the only way to use it legally is to pay for it. So, that $34 Zin members pay each month isn’t merely for a CD and DVD with music and choreography, we’re also paying for the right to use the Zumba name in classes, marketing materials and events, it gives us the right to call ourselves Zumba Instructors. Once you stop paying for that right, you’re technically no longer LEGALLY licensed.

Why do I feel the need to write about this? Because too many people are taking advantage of the fact that Zumba and it’s brand are so well known and are ruining what Zumba is supposed to be about by making something it is not. I encourage EVERYONE to go to Zumba.com and search your instructors either before or after taking a class and make sure that instructor is LICENSED to be teaching you. if not, they need to be reported.

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