Why Moving is Better Than Sitting

We all know that being active is better than simply sitting and being couch potatoes. Why? Our bodies are simply not equipped for sitting all the time. We are meant to stand, with shoulders back and pelvis forward. But, the vast majority of people sit with shoulders slouched forward (or rolled forward), spine arched and pelvis un-level. This causes all sorts of back, hip, knee and shoulder/neck issues. Its because we sit so much for work (mostly) that some companies have come up with special desks that convert from sitting to standing desks by simply lifting your work area higher and to a standing position comfortable to your height.

How does this work for you? Do you sit all day at a desk, or are you on the move and standing most of the day?

Here’s a great video talking about the advantages of moving around and standing more (https://youtu.be/wUEl8KrMz14)!

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