You asked, now I’m providing… Accountability Group!

Many of you have stated you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut – like you can’t quite meet your fitness goals or that you’re finding it hard to get up off the couch Sunday nights to make it to class, or it’s too tough to get to class or eat healthy after a long day at work. The solution? An accountability group.

We’ve heard of them; some of you may have already been members of one in the past. As to whether the group was successful or not depends on not only you, but of the other members too. Many of you have asked about the possibility of starting a similar type of group, or have stated an interest in joining it. I want you all to know that once you commit to it, I’m holding you to it. That’s MY job. As the coach in this situation I will start, from the beginning, to hold you accountable which means making sure you show up for the group meetings, coming to the classes we put on your schedule and ensuring we’re keeping YOU on track.

So what does all of this mean, and how does it work? i’ve talked briefly in class about meeting a few times a month both as a group and individually. In order for me to best assist each of you I need to know what your goals are and wat you’re hoping to accomplish. From there, I will be able to better plan and assist you in those goals and help you manage your goals in ways that are easy to follow and maintain rather than crazy unattainable ways that only work in a typical “gym fashion.” I pride myself on being down to earth and viewing you guys as people and not merely gym members or strangers just looking to lose a few pounds or tone up. I really DO care about how I can help you in reaching your goals. All this said, below are ther details of our first meeting and what you will need:


Bring a notebook that is easily carried with you on a regular basis 

  • On the first page of the notebook I want you to write down the date, what your goals are and how long you want to work towards those goals. Make the time period attainable (you simply can’t lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks – sorry it just won’t happen! I’m a believer in miracles but am not a miracle worker LOL).
  • Below that I want you to write down how you want ME to help you and what you need me to do for you to get you on track and staying on track (i.e. we need to shop together for groceries because I have no clue where to start, I need you to call me 30 minutes before class to wake my ass up) ect. I WILL do it!
  • Lastly, write down the class schedule that works BEST for you (knowing the full schedule), as well as whether you’re looking for specific attention to particular areas of the body to work on and/or want to talk about one-on-one time.
Please take time to think about these things so we have a clear picture of what your needs are and how we can help each other out in the process. If you know of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors who would be interested in joining hte group, please feel free to bring them as well. This is a free meeting of minds and I’m more than willing to meet with new friends!

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