July 27-30 – Can’t Come Soon Enough!

I’m obsessed… more than obsessed… is that even possible? I had no idea when I decided to become a licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN) in 2014 that I’d become so inundated with this company, with the people in it, the programs available through it and the name itself. I’ve become “that person” – you know, the one who you’d swear is the unpaid spokesperson, the one that never stops talking about it; the one who you just want to hit the mute button on and punch in the throat because you know they’re talking about “it” AGAIN… yes that’s me! HIEEEE!

I’ve never been so personally involved in something that I enjoy so much. Never have I invested so much of my own time, effort and money into something that gives me as much joy as Zumba does. So, its no wonder that I’m so excited about Zumba Convention in July!

The first year I could have technically gone was in 2014, however as fate would have it I was licensed the month before the convention and getting married the month after. The fact I spent money on the licensing when I did is beyond me seeing we were paying for a wedding and a honeymoon to Hawaii, but that happened and I don’t ever regret it. The summer of 2015 I was so consumed with teaching and life I just couldn’t afford to go and quite frankly forgot it was coming up and the summer of 2016, I wanted to go so bad, but we’d just moved to Georgia from New Hampshire and family was coming first. I told my husband after that, that absolutely NOTHING was going to stand in my way of going to convention in 2017. NOTHING!

Well, the schedule is up on the Zumba website, I’ve written down my proposed trainings and sessions and I’ve got some dough set aside for registration (which opens on February 27th!).

I want you all to know that when I go to a training, when I get licensed in a new format, when I spend my hard earned money on something even as big as convention – I do it for YOU. That’s right. I want to ensure that my students are happy and that I am meeting the needs of you all; your wants, your likes and your dislikes. so if you came up to me and said “Kristen, I HATE xyz…” I’d try to give you abc instead. I strive to keep myself up to date on the latest fitness trends, do my research on new programs and will only bring you the best of the best! With that said, I plan on getting trained in Zumba Kids & Kids Jr. as well as Aqua Zumba while at convention…