New Classes & Schedule to Start in May

Many of you have been asking about when Piloxing will be starting, how long the class will be and so on.
When can I expect Piloxing to be added to the schedule?
I’m hoping to stick to my initial launch date of May 4th, however Koni (GA Master Trainer) will be out of town for (of all things) a Piloxing Conference so we may push out on more week so she can be there for it.
How long is a Piloxing class?
Although I am given the option to teach for an hour, I will base our first few months around a 30 minute class build. What does this mean in non-instructor terms? It means I’m making it easier on YOU.
A typical 1-hour class has 15 blocks of movement in it including a warm-up, cool-down and two floor exercises, whereas a 30 minute class has 10 blocks including the warm-up and cool-down and NO floor work.
What will be the new schedule?
Zumba schedule will remain the same:
Tuesday @6:30pm
Saturday @9:30am
Sunday @6:00pm
I plan on having Piloxing 2x a week at 30 mins ea class –
Thursday @6:30pm
Saturday @10:30am following Zumba.
Following Piloxing will be a new class called Power Stretch – this is a 30 minute yoga class to relieve stiff, sore muscles.
Power Stretch
Thursday @7:00pm
Saturday @11:00am
How will new classes affect prices?
Drop-In (Cash or Credit)

$5.00 drop-in EACH class

Punch Passes
1 Classes – 1 punch
2 Classes – 2 punches
3 Classes – 3 punches
If you plan on attending multiple classes on a given day when multiple are offered, you can choose any combination you want (Zumba & Piloxing, Zumba & Power Stretch, Piloxing & Power Stretch or Zumba & Piloxing & Power Stretch).  Any combination of classes is acceptable.
You do NOT need to come to Piloxing to come to Power Stretch, you do NOT need to come to Zumba to come to Piloxing. HOWEVER, if you plan on coming to a class, even a 30 minute one, please be sure to get to the building at least 10 MINUTES before the start of class so I’m not running behind in getting going. Note that if you are going to be late you can simply start at the point of the exercise we are at when you enter the room, I can’t back track to get everyone up to speed.
You talked about “Burlesque Fit” in the newsletter, when will that be starting?
As soon as Piloxing is underway I will introduce Burlesque Fit. Because I need time to focus on choreography and form and movements I need to be sure I am SET on one before I can focus on the other. Additionally, Burlesque Fit will be more DANCEY than anything we do together – even more so than Zumba – and I need to choreograph our songs for the first class. That said I’m hopeful to have Burlesque Fit under way by the end of May, with the last Friday being our first class.  I will keep you updated on that! If you have music you’d like to see done in class, send it my way!