Zumba Convention!! Jul 26-30


I am so excited! This July marks my first ever attendance to the annual Zumba Convention! I will be surrounded by old and new friends and people I’ve never met in my life x THOUSANDS. This convention will be the biggest convention I have ever been to and will ensure I meet more people than I can remember names for! I will meet people from all over the world in the course of a weekend.

I know many of you share in my utter enthusiasm at the idea of being able to have this opportunity and I want to share this with you all. As such, beginning July 15th and going through July 23rd – if you would like a commemorative item from the Zumba Convention – please EMAIL ME (kristen.e.sommer@gmail.com) what kind of item you would like (t-shirt, tank top, leggings, pants, accessories, ect), colors you like and the size you want and I will pick something up for you!

I can’t promise any particular items so please do not ask me to pick up a specific item that you’ve scouted on zumba.com as I can’t guarantee that it will be available at the convention store.

As always, that you all for your continued support of me and my classes! ❤