Share Your Success Stories

Hi All!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! This post shouldn’t be too long, but I wanted to post it nonetheless.

Oftentimes Zumba and other such fitness programs get a lot of flack from people (non participants of said program mostly) that it is not exercise, that you can’t lose weight from whatever it is that you’re doing. In the past, I’ve been bullied into thinking my program, my business, my baby was nothing more than a dance class that made me sweat profusely (and almost abnormally) – until some of  you started coming to me and telling me your success stories.

I can be the first one to tell you that Zumba has changed me (See How Zumba Changed MY Life). From losing a little weight and toning up to being stronger and an overall healthier me, I attribute all that to Zumba – why? Because, without it I don’t exercise otherwise. I know not everyone enjoys exercising, not everyone has the motivation to go workout after a long day at work, but to those of you who make it class once, twice, three times OR MORE a week, I commend you. You’ve found your niche on your fitness journey – the one thing that makes you WANT to get up and move.

Several of you have shared with me, and maybe a few others, the fact you’ve seen success in coming to class, granted it may not only be my classes, and it may be a combination of healthy eating and exercise, but nonetheless you’ve mentioned things like, “I met my monthly goal of losing 5 pounds” or “I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist since I started coming to you.” Although these success stories may seem minuscule to you, they move mountains for me. Your success is my success and I want to celebrate that to its fullest for you!



So, you may be wondering – “why this post Kristen?” Well, in addition to sharing your testimonials on my social sites and my website, I would like to share your success stories (whether as named or anonymously). Why? Because people looking to join a fitness program, or start a fitness journey need to know the work is worth it, the results are real and the person, or people, they’re doing it with are going to help them meet (or exceed) realistic goals.

If you’d like your success story shared, email me at Kristen.E.Sommer@gmail.com with the subject line “My Success Story.” Remember to include your name and (roughly) how long you’ve been taking classes with me. Please let me know in the email if you’d like your story to stay anonymous. Feel free to include before and after pictures if you’d like!