Success Stories: Meet Mitzi

Everyone has a journey that they face, and not every journey is easy. For many, it starts in childhood and follows them into adulthood – causing more harm than good. A lot of people try and succeed, others try and give up, and some simply don’t try at all and are ok with that. I’ve had a lot of people come to me to share their successes – no matter how big or small they are. I’ve had women come to me and say excitedly and with a gleam in their eye, “Kristen I’ve lost three pounds over these last two months!” And me, I live for these moments. The moment where a person who has made a decision all on their own to do something about THEIR journey and is seeing something come from it. I tell the people who come to my classes that the workouts I do aren’t for me, they’re for THEM, and I am constantly giving them a reason to push themselves. Without that little bit of umf some people just won’t exceed what they know their limits are, and without that, they won’t see any change or any success. I’m a motivator. A coach, A person to whom people can turn to with questions about how to lose weight in a healthy way. So starts the journey to a healthier you.

Mitzi was one of those people and here is her success story.

“For a long time I have struggled with being over weight. Even as a child I was always just a little chubbier than the other children. I, like most people, tried many times to go on “a diet” and failed miserably. I eventually just told myself it was never going to happen and I just needed to accept that I would always be over weight. In August of 2016 my cousin had the gastric sleeve. She said to me, “I know we are states apart, but we can do this together”. I laughed a little and thought well what’s the worst that can happen. So I sought out a weight loss clinic to have someone local to answer to as well. My starting weight was 219.6, the heaviest I had ever been in my life even when I was pregnant. In October my good friend/co-worker invited me to come to Kristen’s Zumba class. I hadn’t been exercising, only watching my portions and what I was eating. I really enjoyed the classes and even though I have two left feet managed to get the moves down.

So fast forward. I have such a busy life that even though I have tried to add more than the Zumba classes into my schedule I just didn’t have the time. And I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable to get up before work to go to the gym, so that didn’t happen either. So here I am 11 months later and I am almost to my goal weight!!! I weighed in today July 21st at 146.3!!!! That’s 73.3 pounds!!! I went from pushing out of a size 16 into an 18 and XL clothes to a size 8 (size 6 if I shop at my favorite store), small shirts and medium bottoms. That’s half of myself!!! Some may laugh but I will tell you that going to Zumba each week has had such a huge impact on my weight loss journey. It has trimmed those side rolls, back fat and allowed me to run for the first time in my life without the burning in my chest or giving up after less than 50 feet; I even feel fit. It feels good to finally have someone say “you look great” and actually be able to feel like I do too! Thank you Kristen for being such a big part in my journey, I am so grateful you are my Zumba instructor!!!”