Post ZinCon WOW :)

Well, I made it. I survived my first Zumba Convention – though I’m slightly exhausted, my body isn’t as sore as it could be and I walked away with a wealth of new knowledge.

I could go on for days talking about my experiences, oh man, the things we saw! But it wasn’t about the Zumba oddities that made the convention well worth the trip and money spent, it was the experience in and of itself. My roomies and I were talking all weekend about how we wished we could bottle the overall enthusiasm about this program that just radiated off of everyone at the convention to bring home and sprinkle on our classes. The love and support all of these Zin members showed one another was contagious; the atmosphere in each of the halls, banquet rooms and lobbies was swollen with pride to be a part of the biggest fitness party EVER. And the energy, oh my GOD, the energy was outstanding. The second you walked into the convention center you’d be hearing a beat drop from every corner of the place and it all seemed to synchronize perfectly. The Zes and Zjs were absolutely amazing to be around and their love and passion for these programs oozed from them onto us creating this insatiable Zumba high that all who were there don’t want to come down from. The whole weekend was absolutely incredible!

I want to warn you, my readers, my followers, and especially my class participants…class will be different now that I’ve experienced what I experienced at convention. Class won’t just be class, it’s going to be Zumba 2.0!Get ready!