SPECIAL: Aqua Zumba Class 9/16/17


I have received a special request from a special someone…my MOM! She will be visiting Sept. 14- 18 and has asked me to do an Aqua Zumba class so that she can try it. Seeing as many of you are also interested I have decided to take on the challenge of learning routines for a 1 hour class and will be doing a ONE TIME Aqua Zumba class on Sept. 9th at 9:30am INSTEAD of regular Zumba.

Class will be held in the GODLEY PARK / HIGHLANDS SQUARE pool.

DIRECTIONS: Pool is IN The Highlands – Highlands Square Subdivision

From the Angel Learning Center, turn RIGHT onto Highlands Blvd. Go straight until you reach the stop sign. At the stop sign, continue going straight. Turn RIGHT into the Highlands Square Subdivision and make your immediate RIGHT onto Westover Drive. At the stop sign, turn LEFT onto Timbercrest Court, then left again onto Central Park Way. The pool and clubhouse are in the OGLETHORPE PARK area (look for the playground).

Things to Know:

  • No, you do not need to know how to swim! When you enter the pool, the water should be no higher than your armpits. My TALLER people will be nearer to the slope of the pool than my shorter people. The deepest our pool goes is 5′.
  • Yes you can wear WATER shoes or socks in the pool. Being barefoot is ok too, but the pool bottom may be rough or too slippery. Please bring these items to class (if you have them) in case you find the bottom not to your liking.
  • Any type of weight or flotation device is NOT permitted during the class.
  • SWIMSUITS or shorts and tank tops are good! Be advised we will be jumping in the water (not cannon ball jump, but more out of the water to plunge back in) – swim suits may fall off with the pressure as you push up out of the water so string bikinis, strapless tops may not be the best option to wear unless you don’t mind flashing your peers. I would suggest a one piece suit, tankini or sports bra and bottoms, or as stated before a tank and shorts. It is NOT a swim suit competition nor a beauty pageant, simply wear something you will be comfortable being in the pool in.
  • Please remember a towel, swim cap (if you want one), sunglasses or visor/hat and water to drink (you WILL need it).

If you have questions about the class, or what you will need please send me a message and I will be happy to answer them!  See you for Aqua Zumba on 9/9!