“Why am I not seeing results?”

Every once in a while I am approached by someone who sees I am a fitness instructor and asks me questions about exercise and seeing results; our conversations typically go something like this…

THEM: “So you’re a Zumba Instructor? Where do you teach?”

ME: ” Yes I’ve been licensed for X number of years and I teach [these days/times]. Here’s my card if you’re ever interested in joining us in class sometime.”

THEM: “oh, no that’s ok, I tried Zumba once and it was too hard and I wasn’t seeing the results they promised.”

ME: “Hmm, well any fitness class is going to be difficult the first few classes until you can train your body to understand the movement you’re seeing. Zumba can be particularly hard because you’re moving multiple parts of your body at once which can take some coordination. I tell people who are new to it, never taken it before, or have given up on it, that it takes a minimum of at least 3 classes to get the hang of it. If after those three classes you’re like ‘nope, I’m done’ then so be it, but don’t give up after only one class. As for seeing results, you get only as much out of it as you put in. So, if you see your instructor going 110% with squats and lunges and big arm movements and you’re just standing there clapping like a monkey, you may not be benefiting yourself in the class. if you push yourself beyond your own comfort level, that’s when you’ll start to see the results you seek.”

Long story short, challenge yourselves! The more you push yourself out of your “comfort zone” the more you’ll amaze yourself with your capabilities.