Success Stories: Meet Allison

We all know the saying “the struggle is real”. I’m sure many of us use it almost daily – whether while standing in line to place an order for breakfast and not knowing what you want, or getting to your gym and not knowing if you can last through the last 10 minutes because you’re whipped – #thestruggleisreal.

Meet Allison, a vibrant young woman with a warm smile and fitness achievements that go on for days!

“I moved to Savannah in 2014. Being in a new place with new people, I lost my dedication to staying healthy. I was going out with my new friends for drinks and dinner more than I should have, without adding the exercise. I quickly gained more weight than I ever thought I would or wanted to. At my heaviest of 176 lbs, I decided at the beginning of 2017 I needed to make some serious changes.

It started with my health insurance offering a program called Real Appeal to help me better manage my health care. Not only does it help me with healthy food choices, it also really emphasized the need for regular exercise.

I first was introduced to Kristen and her Zumba class when she was at Downhome Fitness in the summer of 2016. I went for a couple months, but once my passes were up, I was too. After joining Real Appeal and having a little more motivation to lose the extra weight I had gained, I began coming back to her classes in May 2017.

At that point I had only lost about 10 lbs by just changing my diet. Determined to hit my goal weight, I was going to class every Tuesday and Thursday and trying to get there most Saturdays and Sunday. I was excited when Kristen introduced Piloxing. It was a nice way to change things up but still get a great workout in.

Currently 28 lbs down from the first of the year with only 18 lbs to go, Kristen’s classes have helped me stay on track and make strides to hit my goal. While the journey is not over, I feel my body looks better than even when I was at my lowest of 132 lbs.


I have met amazing people in her classes that create a great community and keep me motivated. I have introduced several people to her classes and all of them keep coming back, because the classes are AMAZING.

Kristen has so much energy and is willing to take time out to help you on your form or any other health questions. I love being a Zumba girl and am so thankful that I found such an amazing instructor to help me on my new healthy life path!”