Share your stories & testimonials!

Friends! I told a brief story in class about one of our participants (leaving names and likenesses out) to prove to you that coming to class DOES make a difference in each of us. She confided that she’s been dealing with high blood sugar and wanted to find a way to help lower it. One night after class she showed me a before and after image of her test strip wherein she’d REDUCED her blood sugar reading by 136 points!

Friends, its stories like this that should be shared in a testimonial or personal success story. Why? Because we are walking, living proof of the POSITIVE effects exercise has on us. Some of us come to class to lose weight, others to simply get out of the house for sanity’s sake, others because your Doctor has put the fear of God into you, and some even still, for all of the above.

A healthy lifestyle is equal parts healthy eating and exercise not some 40/20, 30/70, 80/40 and supplement two meals with a protein shake or a piece of lettuce type of thing. The more you push yourself in your workout, the more you will get out of it. If you feel like giving up after 2 reps of a leg lift, hang on and do 3 more just to spite yourself and PROVE THAT YOU CAN!

We get lazy as we get older. We rely on taking the easy way out of everything to save time and money. In doing so, we lose our ability, our stamina, our willingness to push ourselves to our limit because “it’s too hard.” It’s NOT! I have every faith in each and every one of you that comes to my classes that you CAN and you WILL, which is why I push you that little bit more than you’re comfortable with. I have had MANY of you come up to me after class and say, “Kristen, because of you, I can now do this…” or “I feel so much more energized when I wake up in the morning after taking class the night before.”

Have the faith in yourselves that I have in you, because you’ve all got so much potential to meet your personal goals, whatever they may be, and know that even when you don’t think you do…you have a personal cheerleader in me! So, share your personal stories in a testimonial or send me a success story, because when other see that you’ve done “it” they can too!