The Importance of Varying Workouts

I think we can all admit that we’re 100% committed to the Zumba Fitness train ride that stops by our stop every week. But what happens if that’s all you’re doing? By only doing 4 days of cardio, you’re not doing a whole lot of anything for yourself as far as your fitness and healthy lifestyle are concerned, regardless of what you may believe.

“But Kristen, this can’t be true!?!”

*GASP* It is. Although you’re diligently coming to class and working your butts off  (believe me, I see you), the need to change up your workouts is definitely there. Why? What happens when you’re doing the same workout day in and day out is our bodies get accustomed to the work that we’re doing and the way that we’re using them that we begin to PLATEAU. Yup, our bodies get used to it and they stop doing what we want them to… lose weight, gain muscle, support strong bones, lower cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar. So, what can you do about it?  Well, part of that lies with me and the need to change up our routines occasionally. The other part lies with you and coming and taking different classes, whether with me or other instructors.

What should you be doing?

A well rounded workout includes both cardio and weight training. HEY, I hear those eye rolls! I know not everyone likes weight training, and not everyone wants to… BUUUUTTT weight training helps us keep up with our families and pets, helps us build stronger muscles and gives us more density in our bones. I speak for most of us in that we are a majority of women aging from 16 to 65. Women need to be more aware of how we use our bodies and stay active (not fit, but ACTIVE) especially those of us that are 30 or older. Why? As we get older (especially in our 30s) our bodies are going haywire with hormones preparing us for childbearing, post childbearing and even worse …THE CHANGE… menopause. With these hormone changes come changes in our immunity, our bone density, our cholesterol and blood sugar (thanks Mother Nature…you can suck it now!). Staying active and building a workout regime that include movements and exercise combining cardio AND strength will help you in supporting a strong, healthy frame as you age.

Stave off the effects of osteoporosis, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, weak muscles and the inability to fend for yourself when you’re older. The more you move now, the more independent you can be when that time comes. No woman wants to be frail and immobile.

All this said, if you haven’t tried a class  whether with me or another instructor, do it! Try Piloxing, or Zumba Toning, or AMPD Resistance (coming soon!) and work your bodies in ways you’re not used to and feel the difference in your bodies afterward. You can thank me later!


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