Going All Techie on You!

There are so many different ways of connecting with each other these days, and me being the communications major and social media socialite that I am I want to use as many of them to my advantage that I can. SOOO, without further adieu…


Can’t attend a class because of work obligations, stuck in traffic, or prior commitments but still want to get your workout in? For $15 a month, access Sommer Time Fitness classes on the go with BurnAlong. The membership is set by the company NOT me, and CANNOT be paid to me directly. I will be adding classes over the course of the next few weeks and will be updating them as new songs are introduced. Videos are going to be recorded IN CLASS (y’all are gonna be famous, LOL!) Classes will include: Zumba, Zumba Toning. Piloxing, AMPD Resistance and a few bootcamps. Log-in online or download the app on your phone or other mobile device.

remindRemind.com OR REMIND: Simple Classroom Communication

Tired of having to check social media for class updates? Never mind the emails and PMs I get asking if we still have class!  Never fear SMS is here! The nice thing about this app, is you’ll receive the same class updates that I’m sharing on social media directly to your phone without having to share your phone number or email address with everyone else. Simply set up your FREE account and look for my class codes to join:

                               Zumba Toning: @c6dgkah
Zumba: @2kfce8
Piloxing: @77gbk9
AMPD resistance: @ampdre

cashCash App (download only)

Don’t have Paypal? Don’t want Paypal?  That’s ok, I’m using the Cash App.  It works like Paypal – only its easier to use and doesn’t hit you with stupid fees! So want to pay for a drop in but you left your wallet at home? That’s ok I can cash app it and you’ll receive an email from me to pay via the Cash App!

So whatever the case may be, you can stay connected and take class no matter where you’re at, who you’re with and what time of day it is!