Zumba Toning Thursdays Beginning Jan. 18th!

Recently I created a poll that asked you two questions:”What current classes do you get EXCITED about before class?” and “What classes would you get excited about if offered?” Out of the options given as far as classes currently offered, you all responded that you get most excited about Zumba and Zumba Toning with AMPD Resistance as a close third. Out of the options given as far as classes that could be offered, you responded that you would be excited to see MixxedFit (Hip-Hop), Zumba Step and/or Aqua Zumba as a (very) close third. 

Based on these results I’m understanding that you guys come to Piloxing to change things up a bit and to get a different kind of work out, but that you’re not in love with the program and don’t have that feeling of guilt (like you do with Zumba) if you miss a class. And that’s ok. I’m asking for a couple of reasons – 1) I want to offer a class lineup that you all enjoy and that keeps us all engaged and wanting to come to class. When I notice that class size is consistently dwindling I have cause to take action and do something to change it. 2) I’m trying to be conscientious of what I’m spending this year and if a paid membership for a program that no one likes is on there its gonna go and be replaced with something else.

Now, MixxedFit I can bring into the schedule at any time, however I need to put together a playlist and learn choreo which will take a bit of time for me – at least two months. For those of you who polled about wanting Zumba Step, I have to get licensed in that FIRST, which means waiting until the beginning of February, THEN learning the choreo for that. ALSO, Zumba Step requires a step riser so we’d have to order those for class. I’m CONSIDERING this right now. I may or may not pay for the license, if not just to have it. As you all know I will keep you updated on all of that so you know what to look forward to!

For now, though, I wanted to let you all know that because of your poll results, I will be REMOVING Piloxing from the schedule and replacing it with Zumba Toning on Thursday nights until further notice. I will occasionally teach a class here and there to revive it and to add a little something different, but want to continue offering a TONING class of some sort for you.

The online calendar has been updated to show Piloxing THIS Thursday and Zumba Toning to start NEXT week @ 6:30. In the meantime, if you have any music you’d like to see on the MixxedFit playlist (non-Latin) please send suggestions my way.

As always, thank you all for your continued support of my classes, your honest feedback and forever <3!