Class Announcements

New Class Coming in March!

Well, I think its safe to say that we’ve all kind of given Piloxing “the boot.” I’m not sure what made it go down hill, the class format, the music, the moves, the day, time, location? One may never know, but what I DO know is I have a leg up on a solution thanks to those of you who participated in my online poll.

I’d asked you all what classes you actually enjoy and look forward to coming to, and to supplement that, which classes (if offered) you would like to see on the schedule. The top answer to question #2 was MixxedFit – a hip-hop inspired class. Knowing that, I’ve decided that starting in early March, Thursday nights will be transformed from Zumba Toning (a filler for the time being) to Pultz Beat. Wait, what’s that? Read on >>>>>>

Rather than be stuck to the formulas of another format, I am taking everything that I know of dance fitness from Zumba and MixxedFit and giving you the hip-hop class “Pultz Beat.” Choreography will be simple and easy to follow, like in Zumba, explosive and toning inspired like MixxedFit but be based around hip-hop, pop, and R&B music. Certain songs will be more focused on specific muscle groups (i.e. lower body, core or arms). We may occasionally get low to the ground (such as kneeling or squatting down), but will never get down fully for burpees, push ups or planks. Moves will be layered like in Zumba so that if you’re fitness level doesn’t allow for you to do something you can keep it simple and do what you can.  Ideally, think Zumba to American Top 40! BOOM!