Welcome to Pultz Personal Training

Pultz Personal Training is the one place where you can feel comfortable actually talking with your personal trainer, getting gritty with your goals and walk out of each session feeling every bit the bad ass you know you are!

Kristen has designed a program that allows you to workout on YOUR schedule, and offers various package deals to meet your every need. Aside from offering personal sessions, Kristen has opened up a variety of boot camps, a 5 week HIIT challenge and will offer one regularly scheduled group fitness class weekly.

Combine your personal training sessions with any of the classes and fitness challenges and see results faster than simply going to any other gym and walking the treadmill for an hour!

How does it work? Well, set up your complimentary 15 minute consultation to go over your specific goals, then review and and sign the client agreement which is your adherence to your plan for the duration of your package deal. Then, start booking your sessions.

The perks? Outside of looking and feeling amazing after each workout, and seeing results in as little as two weeks, there are some financial perks too. For each package you choose and pay in full, up-front, you will receive a 15% discount on your package deal. Sign up for one of the challenges while you’re still booking personal sessions, and receive a discounted rate on the challenges. Same goes for the drop in rate for individual classes and boot camps!

So, what are you waiting for? Set up YOUR complimentary consultation today and start working out tomorrow!

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