Meet Kristen

Since I was a kid I’ve always been a bee-bopper, a mover and shaker, so it’s no surprise that I actually enjoy being a fitness professional!

I started dance at the early age of five – dressing up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid…


…however, that didn’t last long when I determined the stage wasn’t quite ready for me and I chickened out of my recital and refused to even take the steps up!

In middle school I took up recreational basketball and played for two (maybe three) years for my town travel team.


I would have continued playing sports through high school if not for a few reasons: 1) the girls I played with and against were way more competitive than I and that intimidated me, and 2) I saw my younger sister in her dance classes and wanted to be doing what she was… thus ensues what I do today.


From about the eighth grade through and after high school I danced – hip hop and jazz mostly, but as I got older, the more difficult it became to find a traditional dance class. I found more and more that classes became more of a “drop-in” than a “come in and learn technique and choreography.” It was sometime in 2012 that I was first told I needed to try Zumba by, of all people, my younger sister. She INSISTED that I’d love the classes because they were dance related but also included fitness elements.

After taking my first class, I’ll admit I was a skeptic. I felt it was too much like Jazzercise with a lot of whooping and knee ups – almost like a Step class.  I hated it and didn’t go back. Fast forward a few months and three instructors later, I found a studio that offered Zumba and a variety of other classes that had me HOOKED! Thanks to the mixed flavor, passion and dedication of VLD Fitness and particularly the owner, Marianela Martinez and Instructor, Mercedes Surita in Manchester, NH, I’d finally found my true passion in Zumba.

 The journey has been a great one for me because without Zumba I would have completely lost my passion for dance and fitness in my adult life.  Teaching is my outlet and nothing makes me more excited than to walk into a room and party with new and old friends who are all there for the same reason – to dance, smile, have fun and get fit! It’s also because of the community that Zumba has created that has prompted me to continue on my fitness journey and given me a drive to not only become a licensed Zumba instructor, but also a licensed instructor in Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, MixxedFit, Piloxing Barre, Piloxing, and Personal Training.
Now, I’ve said dance more than once, but you don’t have to know how to dance, nor have any dance training! These programs are structured so that everyone can do it! Combining fun, upbeat rhythms with moderate fitness techniques you’ll find every reason to come to a class! So, come join us – the dance floor is waiting!
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