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All the information about personal training , nutrition and fitness coaching with Sommer Time Fitness at your fingertips. From class descriptions, to pricing and booking to nutrition questions answered, Sommer Time Fitness has all things every woman needs to lead a happy, healthy, life in fitness.

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Kristen Sommer

GroupX Certified| Personal Trainer| Behavioral Change Specialist| Health & Fitness Coach| Senior Fitness Specialist| Certified Nutrition Coach
Kristen has over a decade of dance experience and is a licensed personal trainer with a focus in nutrition coaching and behavioral change.
Born in raised in Connecticut, Kristen is full of sass and has plenty of enthusiasm, charisma and encouragement to go around when it comes to her clients.
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Class Descriptions


Our small group training classes are programmed with you in mind! Structured in such a way that you walk in to every class confident; work with a coach who is capable of working with you one-on-one during class and leave feeling more accomplished afterward.


Let loose and just dance! Combining a multitude of world rhythms to include (but not limited to!) Tango, salsa, belly dance, and hip-hop this 45 minute class will have you burning up to 800 calories while grooving to easy to follow choreography in a traditional dance class style (5, 6, 7, 8). And the best thing? You don’t need to know how to dance to take class! Registration for this class is REQUIRED. Offered Jan. – Dec.

Piloxing Barre

The classic barre workout with a modern twist, this program takes traditional ballet moves and throws in pilates and boxing. Actually, we didn’t quite throw them in as much as we noticed that some people really like the stability, lengthening, and muscle control of ballet, but they prefer a little more action in their workouts. And so, Barre was (re)conceived. This game-changing program still takes place at the barre, but shifts between the slow leg work that improves balance, leans muscles, and strengthens joints, and the intense arm work that that builds strong arms and shoulders, increases power, and gets your heart pumping. It’s not the barre workout you heard about, it’s the one you can’t wait to talk about. Registration for this class is REQUIRED. Offered Jan. – Dec.

Pultz Power

For those looking for a more focused workout, Pultz Power incorporates the use of standard weights, including but not limited to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands and mixes HIIT and bodyweight modality to this small group fitness class. Class size is limited to only 5 people to allow for your trainer to assist with form and movement correction throughout class giving you the feeling of a a one-on-one session but with the social aspect of a group fitness class. Registration for this class is REQUIRED. Offered Jan-Dec.

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She is the best!!! She isn’t a drill sergeant and will make sure you push yourself and meet your goals. I hated the thought of Personal Training and fitness classes until I tried her classes. I will never go to anyone else!

Katie O.


We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain which services may be right for you and explain our fees in more detail. New to a class? Please complete our liability form prior to your first class.

Group Fitness

Push yourself past your limits and see results in as little as five weeks! We offer weekly dance fitness classes where you can come socialize and burn calories all while having fun!

Personal Training

Skip the frustration of working out alone. Set up your own personal training sessions that provide workouts fit for YOU. Also included will be nutrition guides and special perks for our Group Fitness Classes.

Fitness & Welness Coaching

Needing to talk with someone to bounce ideas off of, have personalized at home programs done up or need a motivational accountability partner? Its like life coaching, but for FITNESS!

Let’s build something together.

“AMAZING and it’s all because of Kristen Sommer! We’re a family and not just a fitness family! Kristen makes it so much MORE! When I moved to the area and wanted to teach Zumba and fitness classes, Kristen gave me the opportunity, not only to become a part of the family, but to teach for the family! It has been the BEST thing that could have ever crossed my path.”

Sabrina W.