Gym Bag “Must Haves”

Have you ever gotten to the gym or your fitness class and realized while furiously digging through your gym bag, “crud, I left ______ at home!”? Yup, been there, done that! It’s always a little disappointing when the realization hits you that you’ve left something critical at home; or in the car, or that whateverContinue reading “Gym Bag “Must Haves””

It’s National Peanut Butter Day

#NationalPeanutButterDay Good for Weight Loss– Eating peanuts and peanut butter helps control hunger without leading to weight gain. Full of Healthy Fat– The fat in peanut butter is heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, the good fat your body needs. High in Valuable Nutrition– Peanut butter has potassium as well as protein which lower the risk of highContinue reading “It’s National Peanut Butter Day”