12 Week Transformation

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We’re all looking to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. However, we don’t always have the time to make it to the gym or a fitness class due to work restraints, family life or just life in general. This is why I’m jumping on board with e-gym workouts!

Wait, what?

That’s right, our 30-Day Fitness Challenge is going digital and will be a converted to a 12 week online program.

How’s it work though?

Discipline! Each week I will broadcast, LIVE, a 30-45 minute class twice a week as well as provide pre-recorded videos for you to use in your 12 week transformation. Videos will be posted to a private Facebook Group and at a special link that will be emailed to you at sign up. Not able to make a livestream? Not to worry, videos will be posted to the group so you can log-in and use it any time you want! At the end of the 12 week session you will be removed from the group with a follow-up email sent with any links and/or files that were shared in the group while you were a member so that you have them for future use.

Will I need equipment?

Some, yes.

  • Yoga mat or towel to lay on the floor
  • A resistance band with handles ($6 Walmart)
  • Light hand weights (5-10lbs) ($5-$10 Walmart)
  • An unencumbered door way (with door)

This group is for men AND women – so ladies invite your husbands or boyfriends, friends, neighbors and relatives! This is a SIGN-UP ONLY group and will not be shared with or open to the public without administrator approval first.

Sign-up by clicking the buy now button when available!