Group Fitness Classes

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The What:

Each of our class descriptions are linked below, click for more info!

The Why:

Don’t party alone! Join in with a great group of men and women in class 5 days a week and find out why Sommer Time Fitness is the place to be! We offer a stable environment that encourages movement. In Kristen’e classes, we don’t care if you’re not following along 100%, or at the same pace as everyone else, we care about the fact that you’re there and putting in your own effort to get moving and to be a better version of YOU. Our group classes are great for every age and fitness level. Kristen focuses her choreography as a pyramid, stacking the layers of movement so that you’re starting with the easiest move and working you way toward a more progressed move. The best thing is, if the progressed move is too difficult for you, you have the option of keeping it simple!

Pultz Resistance

Aqua Zumba


Power Stretch


Zumba Toning


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