Personal Training

Some people are really good about scheduling time to get to the gym and workout, whether to use the fitness room or to join a group X class. Others, not so much. Some people need a reason to exercise and someone to hold them accountable to show up and show out; that’s where I step in.

Personal training sessions are a way to have one-on-one time with a fitness coach who will program a workout and potential meal plan specific to YOUR needs. We will meet as many times a week as you need and that is easily accommodated by your schedule and the coach’s. A workout can last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your time restraints and desires. Workouts will consist of both body weight/no equipment exercise to light/medium weight to some equipment needed.

1x/week @ 4 weeks  – $80.00

2x/week @ 4 weeks – $160.00

3x/week @ 4 weeks – $240.00

4x/week @ 4 weeks – $320.00

Prices cover for the full month, no drop-ins, punch passes not accepted. Month must be paid in full up front prior to the first meeting. Cash or credit accepted. Groups of 5 or less if agreeable to participants.