These are a few of our commonly asked questions. If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be more than happy to answer it for you.

Q. Can I bring my child with me to class?

If your child is under the age of 18, but older than 10 and wants to participate, yes you may bring your child given the understanding that they are to be signed for on a liability waiver by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18. Please keep in mind that some choreographed moves are geared more towards an adult as they can be suggestive and/or aggressive and aren’t necessarily child friendly.
Sommer Time Fitness is licensed, but not yet offering Zumba Kids/Kids, Jr. or any other such child friendly fitness programs at this time. Parents are strongly advised to NOT bring toddlers or infants to class as we are focused on medium to high impact moves which could harm your child or other participants if being carried on your person or are running around during class. Please note that our facility does offer childcare. Please contact Kristen prior to class to facilitate the need for a sitter to be available.
For classes such as Baby & Me (when offered), yes children between the ages of 16 weeks to 4 years are strongly encouraged as the workout program is focused around mommy and baby exercise and bonding. Please see our SCHEDULE on our website for our current class offering.

Q. What does it cost to participate in your classes?

We have three options available to pay for classes.
Drop-In – 1 Class – $5.00
2 Week Unlimited – $30.00
1 Month Unlimited – $60.00

Drop-in fees are non-refundable. Class Passes are good for 14/31 days and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Valid for purchaser only. Friends of purchaser must purchase valid punch pass, monthly membership, or pay daily drop-in rate of $5/class. We accept cash and credit for payments. Please see each class description for additional pricing info where applicable.

Q. Do you offer Personal Training?

On the rare occasion I do offer personal training and/or small group training. However, due to time restraints and scheduling conflicts I do not offer it as a full time option to those who may only occasionally be looking for a personalized workout.

I will, however, prepare a workout plan for you for a small fee based on personal workout goals and your availability to specified equipment which you can use at your discretion.

Q. I plan on only attending a few classes a week, not all of them and not the same ones every week. Can I prepay for my classes ahead of time?

In an ideal world the answer would be yes, however, due to the format of our membership program it would be ideal for you to talk with your instructor about your options regarding the use of a punch pass or simply paying per class as you come in.

Q. Is my pass/membership valid for all of the classes offered or just the ones Kristen teaches?

Whether you are merely dropping-in for one class, have a two-week punch pass or are a monthly member, your drop-in rate and passes are good for ALL classes offered at Sommer Time Fitness including those classes taught by other instructors. If the class is listed on the Sommer Time Fitness calendar (at the Angel Learning Center), you can use your passes.

Q. I bought a five class pass and want to try several classes, is it a punch for every class?

The five class passes are more of a two for one deal in a sense. Rather than punching your pass per class I am punching per hour. When you look at the calendar, you’ll see thee are two days where there are two or three classes. On the days where there is an hour long class preceded or followed by a 30 minute class or in the instances where there are two 30 minute classes back to back you will be punched for the HOUR regardless of whether you stay for just one 30 minute class.
EXAMPLE: Tuesday nights will be 30 Minutes of Strong by Zumba and 30 minutes of Stretch and Mobility. If you come to Strong and leave you will be punched for one class. If you come just for stretch and mobility and leave, you will be punched for one class. If you come for Strong by Zumba and STAY for stretch and mobility, you will be punched for one class.
EXAMPLE: If you come to class on Saturdays and take the 30 minute Strong by Zumba and leave, its one punch. If you come for the hour long Zumba class only – its one punch, but if you stay for BOTH – it’s two punches as both classes are more than 2 hours together.

Q. Is childcare offered?

Yes. Childcare is offered free of charge. We kindly ask that you please call Kristen PRIOR to class (860-803-7221) BEFORE 5pm if you are looking to make use of the childcare service. For weekend classes, please call the Friday BEFORE class so that we can ensure someone is available for childcare.

Q. I bought a Groupon how does this work?

Groupon vouchers are good for all classes Sommer Time Fitness offers at The Angel Learning Center. When you purchase a Groupon voucher, see your instructor before or after a class to redeem it. Simply bring a printed copy of your voucher or your mobile device. Your instructor will need to know the voucher number and the expiration date on the voucher. Once the instructor has provided you with the pass, please mark your Groupon voucher as “Redeemed” on the Groupon app. **Please note that you have until the expiration date listed on your voucher to REDEEM the voucher, the expiration date means that once that date has come and gone the voucher is no longer valid regardless of whether you have redeemed it or not.** Vouchers are valid for 14 days from the date of your redemption if you purchased a 5 class pass, or 31 days from the date of your redemption if you purchased a monthly membership.

Sommer Time Fitness can NOT extend your card expiration date once your voucher has been redeemed.

Q. My Groupon is due to expire, but I haven’t made it to class, can you extend it?

No, vouchers can NOT be extended after the expiration date has passed.

Q. Can I pay for my Groupon in person when I come to class?

Prices for 5 class passes and monthly memberships are EXACTLY the same price in person as they are on Groupon. If your voucher is due to expire, we prefer that you repurchase your cards directly from your instructor rather than on Groupon. We accept cash and credit.

Q. Do I need a mat for class?

ZUMBA (or any of it’s specialties):

No. Zumba is a Latin based dance fitness program. Zumba is not designed to be like a boot camp class therefore all moves are done standing on your own two feet. If you have been to a Zumba class that has you getting down on the ground, doing jumping jacks, burpees or weight training (not to be confused with Zumba Toning) it is NOT Zumba. NOTE: This is not to be confused with Strong by Zumba, which is NOT a dance fitness class and DOES require a mat.


No. Piloxing workouts are a fusion of boxing and standing Pilates principles. The combination of these disciplines as primary exercise components creates a sense of both physical and mental balance.


Yes. This class is working your entire body using minimal equipment with a primary focus on your midsection and your legs and butt. At times we may ask you to bring additional equipment with you IF YOU HAVE IT. If not, it will be provided for your use. This class is typically 30 to 45 mins long.


Yes. We combine both standing and floor exercises throughout this class.

Strong By Zumba:

Yes. Strong by Zumba is a HIIT boot camp style class that integrates movement to music. Every movement has a beat and every beat has a movement.

Q. Do I need to register or sign-up for classes?

For our regularly scheduled classes, no a pre sign-up or registration is not required; merely show up for class and have fun.
Other classes such as Aqua Zumba and Personal Training you WILL need to visit the corresponding page on my website to pre-pay and register for the class to ensure your spot in the class.

Q. The YMCA says I can’t use my punch pass I purchased from you, why?

The YMCA is a separate entity from Sommer Time Fitness and therefore requires a separate drop-in fee and liability waiver paid to them directly. If you would like to participate in any of my classes at the YMCA, please be aware of the fact you will need to pay their required $10 drop in fee prior to class starting if you are not already a member. Occasionally the Y does offer free GroupX classes without being a member, merely ask at the front desk about these dates when you stop by.