Many of you have likely not noticed, but we’e making a conscious effort to save some trees around here! Some cool things that have been recently implemented on our website are the inclusion of new participant liability waivers on the home page and our online sign-in sheet.

The cool thing…you can now check yourself in to class by answering 4 simple questions

Name | the type of pass you have | your pass expiration date | and the day’s date

You can easily find this on our website: www.SommerTimeFitness.com/online-sign-in/  OR under HOME>Participation Online Sign-In – in the drop-down menu.

For the current monthly schedule, I will be posting it as the HEADER image on my Facebook business page. The header image is at the very TOP of the page and is a slide show – the first image will say the month, the second image will be the monthly schedule. For more detailed info, stop by the website on the class schedule page and click on the class name for info on the class, what to bring, the time and location!