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***** I don’t like to work out and I don’t know how to dance, but I greatly enjoy taking Zumba classes with Kristen. Her dancing skills are impressive, and she never stops improving. New songs and new choreography are frequently added to our routine. More importantly, as an instructor, Kristen is motivating, caring, encouraging, and …

Ha N.

***** Kristen is a great instructor! She takes the time to teach you the steps. She’s funny and gets the classes pumped up. They are so much fun!

Karen L.

***** Kristen is so encouraging and fun! Love her classes!

Virginia P.

***** I’ve gone to other Zumba classes before I attended this one. By far this is the best class ever! Kirsten keeps it fun and she’s always energetic while incorporating the latest dance moves. This is one class that I find consistent changes in my body’s endurance. (Groupon Review)

Militea H.

***** Great energetic class. Kristen is a fabulous instructor.

Renita A.

***** Very good workout and lots of fun exercising. (Groupon Review)

Krystal B.

***** Kristen is a great instructor, the classes are fun and not intimidating because she and the others in class are all very friendly. I love the Resistance Class and Zumba Toning and look forward to it every week!! I’m blessed to have found this workout 🙂 (Groupon Review)

Terri L.

***** I was the type of girl that made every excuse NOT to workout. I’m a teacher so dragging me out of the house after a long day is nearly impossible. After going to Kristen’s classes for nearly two months, this has all changed. The energy she portrays and the excitement of learning new choreography …

Corinne S.

***** Kristen is friendly and engaging. Her classes are a great and fun workout!

Emily O.

***** Kristen makes the class fun and her teaching skills are outstanding. If you can move and want to have fun this class is for you. My first time doing Zumba and now I am going two times a week. (Groupon Review)

Lisa J.
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